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Unexplained Artefacts of the Planet


There is give up a good deal of artefacts identified all over the entire world, and so substantially much more to discover. Artefacts notify us a story and give us awareness of past human civilizations and activities. But how exact is our relationship back techniques?

Here are a perspective of unexplained artefacts and the estimate dates they ended up created.

&bull Coso Artefact. The Coso artefact was found in the Coso Mountains of California. The artefact was encased in a rock it was sawed open and was identified to contain a bizarre mechanical system. What they observed was an inch thick porcelain cylinder with rings of copper all around it. The porcelain cylinder contained a shaft of brilliant steel close to two mm in duration. Specialists who examined it mentioned that it is a Campion Spark Plug. The peculiar issue is that the rock it was encased in was in excess of fifty percent a million yrs outdated.

&bull Grooved Spheres. Miners in South Africa have been digging up mysterious metallic spheres. There is two types of spheres that has been discovered so significantly. 1 is composed of a reliable bluish metallic with flecks of white the other is hallowed out and stuffed with a spongy white material. The Grooved Spheres are dated to be 2.8 billion yrs outdated.

&bull Semi-ovoid Metallic Tubes. The metallic tubes have been dug out of Cretaceous Chalk in France. Metallic tubes is not so bizarre but the Chalk exactly where the tubes was discovered in, dates back again to 600 Million several years.

&bull Antikythira Machine. Observed at a web site of an historic shipwreck just off the Greek Island of Antikythira. A differential turn desk with interlocking cogs and wheels. Radiography evaluation unveiled the existence of a precision instrument. Particular similarities with afterwards astronomical instruments permit it to be labelled a calendrical unit that provides the year round positions of stars and planets. The wreck wherever the product was observed dates again to nearly a hundred BC.

&bull Historical Traveling Device. The minimal product plane produced from gold was found in a tomb at Saqquara, Egypt. They had been amazed with the model of a traveling product that has advanced functions and understanding of aerodynamics. The tomb the design was located in dates again additional than one thousand a long time old.

Scientist’s scientific studies displays that the earth is 4.5 billion yrs old. The human race, as we know it these days, started 200,000 several years ago. So how can they demonstrate the artefacts that is older than the humans beginning it self. Could it be a likelihood that the understanding we know today is incorrect. Could it be that the Ancient Civilizations were more progress than we believe. I have a principle, my theory is that the past human race was a lot more progress than we realised. Anything was wrecked by the World Flood except the types in the arc. Life stood even now after that and renewed it self, with an ending there is usually new beginnings. Probably the Mayan Calendar ends at 2012 simply because it was 2012 just before, perhaps it was the date their civilization arrived to an conclude. The dates and calendars were various again then, it is not the exact same as it is now.

The only way to genuinely master is to unlearn the items we have acquired.

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Resource by Tessa Botha

The Martial Science Of Boxing And Its Contribution To Armed service Near Overcome


This paper will look at the additional obscure aspects of Boxing as a martial science. It will illustrate that the martial record, tradition and virtue of boxing is an undeniable simple fact albeit just one that is almost never. If ever, critically acknowledged and comprehended. It will focus on the navy purposes somewhat than the normal sporting factors (despite the fact that it will touch upon particular aspects of sporting competitiveness where by considered suitable) demonstrating how it has been an integral element of the teaching of a warrior given that ancient situations. It will discover how it was utilized to develop “preventing spirit” and” how it has ongoing in contributing to the origins and progress of present day military close-combat techniques in considerably the similar way as some oriental martial arts.

THE Historic Planet
Boxing is just one of the most ancient of all the martial arts, and has pretty a distinct and traceable heritage when compared to other types of combative techniques. The time period boxing derives from the box condition of the shut hand, or fist. In Latin, the fist is referred to as pugnus (for this reason the alternate phrases pugilism). Pugnus by itself derives from the Greek pugme, meaning “fist.”

Boxing was practiced in a person sort or a different by most of the classical civilisations of antiquity which include individuals of Egypt, Sumer (A type of boxing can be viewed in Sumerian Carvings from the 3rd millennium BC, although an Egyptian aid from about a thousand years later in fact displays both of those contributors and spectators. In every case the boxers are bare-fisted) and Crete(the place it is even achievable to see boxers depicted donning a primitive style of glove). Even a lot more historical than this, In 1927, Archaeologist named Dr E. A. Speiser learned a Mesopotamian stone tablet in Baghdad, Iraq that depicted two guys getting ready for a boxing match. This pill is thought to be some 7000 years outdated!

Combating with the fists is also explained in quite a few historical Indian texts like the Vedas, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Evidence has also been uncovered in specific excavations carried out at the sight of two historical cities called Mohenjadaro and Harappa in the Indus valley. Having said that. Although battling utilizing the closed fists would look to appear obviously to most human beings, it was possibly in Greece that the both of those the sport and science of Boxing commenced to get broad-spread attractiveness, and was organised and developed appropriately.

It was in Greece that Boxing became an Olympic activity (688 BC), and it was in Greece that it was refined and recognised as becoming a important resource in the schooling of the warrior. Boxing is described by Homer in the 13th reserve of the Illiad (Circa 675 BC) Whereby it is described as being section of the competitions the Mycenaeans employed to honour their dead.

At this time, when there have been some principles (this kind of as forbidding any clinching or wrestling) there were absolutely no fat divisions, no rings, no rounds and no referee. Boxers simply just pummelled every yet another right up until one particular was finally knocked out or gave up. As a result, really serious accidents and even demise have been not that unheard of Pythagoras of Samos, who gained the boxing crown at the 48th Olympiad (588 or 584 B.C.), is recognised as staying the to start with trully “Technical Boxer”, for he was a reasonably compact gentleman standing about 5ft7in and weighing in at only a hundred and sixty lbs . who hardly ever the a lot less conquer several a lot larger sized contestants.

As may possibly be anticipated, it was the warlike Spartans who have been to capitalise most with Boxing, recognising it as an successful signifies of instilling the battling spirit in the recruit through not only developing up amounts of bravery and tenacity, but also applying it as a means of teaching the essentials of battling with the sword, spear and defend. In this method boxing teaching grew to become not only an powerful unarmed combating fashion in its own right, but also served in complimenting the efficient use of certain weapons as section of an built-in technique of combat teaching.

Spartan society was really martial, and they trained challenging and long to be economical troopers on the battlefield. It is mentioned that they have been almost as hazardous unarmed as they have been with a weapon. (Persian historical documents of the fight of Thermopylae, in which the 300 Spartans led by their king Leonidas, fought a desperate and suicidal rear-guard motion in get to make it possible for Greece much more time to muster and organise her forces, even refers to these fierce and fanatical warriors as essentially resorting to biting at their enemy!) As the reputation of boxing grew it became break up and divided, with 1 department remaining protecting the martial part in purchase to compliment the armed prowess of the Hoplite, and the other concentrating upon sporting competitions (albeit fairly brutal types!). Thus, you experienced the experienced soldier on the a single hand and the sportsperson on the other. Even Homer tells us of the variance in between beat sporting activities and precise overcome he describes the lament of the champion boxer Epeios, who asked that his incompetence on the battlefield be excused mainly because of his success in sport boxing, declaring that it was not feasible to good at all issues and that the only area exactly where he was not equipped to struggle very well was the battlefield alone! (Iliad XXIII) Even so, he is also credited with designing and setting up the Trojan horse with the enable of Athena, as is advised in the (Odyssey IV.265ff and Odyssey VIII.492ff) so, potentially the very poor fellow had a level following all, and we need to allow him off!

The Etruscans were notably fond of boxing and ended up really the incredibly very first to introduce the phrase “Pugilism” a term that has considering the fact that develop into synonymous with the science and which continues to be used correct up to the current working day. Later, Boxing became an integral aspect of the training routine for Roman Legionaries, with a specially savage variety currently being adapted for use in the so identified as “games” of the Arena. It finally became well-known during Rome, with all varieties of folks taking part such as users of the aristocracy (A struggle involving the agile Dares and the towering Entellus is described at duration in the Roman nationwide epic Aeneid (1st century BC). In five hundred A.D., boxing was banned completely by Holy Roman Emperor Theodoric the Good as becoming offensive to the creator as it disfigured the face which was the impression of God. Nonetheless, this edict had tiny result outside the significant cities of the Jap Empire, for that reason, boxing continued to evolve as both of those a sport and a technique of self defence all through Europe but specially in Italy and in particular in the British Isles.

PRIZE Battling Period
Boxing resurfaces in strength in England for the duration of the early 18th century as “Bare-Knuckle Boxing” at times also referred to as” prize-battling”. The initially documented account of a bare-knuckle fight in England appeared back again in 1681 in a newspaper named ” the London Protestant Mercury” with the first English champion staying James Figg in 1719. As a nicely as remaining the initial boxing winner of England, James Figg was also a really adept cudgel-fighter and swordsman and was to enjoy a pivotal purpose in the boxing renaissance. When he opened his university in London in 1719 Figg built a realistic living out of teaching younger gentleman the art of self-defence by making use of the precepts of modern-day fencing-footwork, speed, and the straight lunge-to fist-fighting.

This is exciting in that, as we try to remember, Boxing was originally utilized in purchase to augment and greatly enhance education with weapons in historical Greece, while now, Boxers figured out to toss straight punches, the basis of fashionable boxing, from fencers. To some extent, it could even be explained that boxing changed duelling with swords and pistols, enabling adult males of all social classes to defend by themselves and their honour with out automatically acquiring to severely maim or kill every other. Even with this connection with fencing, boxing encounters in the course of this early modern-day period had been mainly unstructured and really uncivilized. Boxers fought bare-knuckle (devoid of gloves), and wrestling, choking, throwing, gouging, and purring (stomping on one’s opponent with spiked boots) were being commonplace, so that, in some respects at the very least, it bore significantly a lot more of a resemblance to the historical Greek Pankration or Japanese Jiu-Jitsu than to the sport we all now know and accept as staying boxing.

Also, all over again like its early predecessor, prize-battling had no composed regulations: There ended up no fat divisions, round restrictions, or referees. In common, it was exceptionally savage and very chaotic. The 1st boxing rules, identified as the London Prize-Ring Policies, have been launched by the heavyweight champion Jack Broughton in 1743 in an endeavor to protected-guard fighters from severe harm and even loss of life. Under these rules, if a boxer was knocked to the floor and was not capable to continue just after 30 seconds, then they would be considered to have missing the bout. Placing an opponent although they had been down and grappling beneath the midsection ended up strictly prohibited.

Even though bare-knuckle fighting was in practically each part considerably extra brutal than contemporary boxing, it did permit the fighters a solitary edge not loved by present-day boxers: The London Prize Regulations permitted the fighter to fall to one knee to start off a thirty-next count at any time. Thus a fighter noticing he was in difficulties had an chance to recover. Deliberately likely down in present day boxing will result in the recovering fighter to drop details in the scoring technique. Furthermore, as the contestants did not have heavy leather gloves and wrist-wraps to guard their hands, a specified amount of restraint was necessary when striking the head.

In 1838 the London Prize Ring guidelines were expanded and were being subjected to further revision in 1853 ultimately staying replaced by the Marquess of Queenberry rules in 1867. It was the introduction of this fashionable set of regulations, collectively with a Higher-Court ruling in 1882 which declared that bare-knuckle matches ended up “an assault occasioning genuine bodily hurt, regardless of the consent of the of the fighters, that saw the demise of prize combating and gave birth to “modern-day boxing”. Even so, the usefulness of even this modern, refined boxing as a martial science cannot be denied. For example: On December 31, 1908, in Paris, France, heavyweight boxer Sam McVey knocked out Jiu-Jitsuka Tano Matsuda (Jiu-Jitsu) in ten seconds. And, in one more bout held on January 12, 1928, in Yokohama, Japan, Packey O’Gatty, a bantamweight boxer, knocked out one more Jiu-Jitsuka identified as Shimakado with one particular punch in considerably less than 4 seconds!

THE Armed service
It was this noticeable usefulness, alongside one another with its demanding set of “Gentlemanly procedures” that induced the navy, especially the officer course, to recognise it as becoming of authentic worthy of in the standard schooling and battlefield prowess of their soldiers. Even so, there was just one certain officer who observed even even further: Captain William J. Jacomb.

The Initially Environment War has absent down in history as getting the worst managed conflict in history. This was mostly due to the actuality that most of the senior officers concerned experienced been through their fundamental teaching and fought their initial military campaigns in the nineteenth century.

They had reduce their soldierly teeth upon massed cavalry rates and infantry organised into strains and squares, and had thought that they could proceed to have interaction the enemy in this way in the 20th century, even with its device guns, air assistance, communications, mustard-fuel and fashionable artillery pieces. These outdated and out of date procedures and strategies ended up to quickly flip the battlefields into muddy, bloody acres of “no-mans-land”, honeycombed with countless numbers of trenches that truly joined up in some cases.

In these an inhospitable and unsafe sort of terrain it was not unheard of for patrols from opposing sides to “bump” into each individual other with very little or even no warning. Therefore, the battling was generally of a incredibly determined mother nature at extremely shut-quarters. It is as a direct result of this that each sides started experimenting with various hand to hand combat devices which includes Jiu Jitsu, in order to support deliver their troops that considerably wanted “edge” on the battlefield.

William J. Jacomb was an officer in the Canadian army who had a great deal of experience as a boxing coach at many universities as properly as in the armed service. It experienced arrive to his awareness that it was the troopers who had a simple know-how of boxing also appeared to make the greatest bayonet fighters. He quickly started to layout a programme of instruction for the military that blended typical boxing drills with the economical use of the bayonet and put forward a proposal to his superiors that this teaching really should be made obtainable to as a lot of troops as possible. In 1916, Jacomb was appointed as an teacher to the Bayonet battling and Physical Teaching Staff members of the Canadian Military in buy to train his techniques of boxing/bayonet to a specially selected group of troopers most of whom already possessed a sure amount of boxing education and experience, with the plan becoming that they would then return to their specific units as instructors in close-quarter battle.

The pupils were being divided into courses of twenty with each and every course staying of 21 days period during which time a large amount a substance experienced to be lined and learnt. Jacobs himself says:

“Physical braveness is probably the most frequent of virtues, but the bravery of a soldier, and specially in the bayonet fighter, is a bravery borne of self confidence and capability to battle and to defend himself. I do not imagine there is any other variety of work out which develops this as promptly as the exercise of boxing. Secondly, and fortuitously, bayonet fighting is so near akin to boxing that the practice of boxing develops skill in bayonet in fewer time, with much less expense, and with much less casualties.”

As currently mentioned, the urgent have to have and worth for effective hand to hand fighting (notably Bayonet) experienced previously been identified and acknowledged because of to the mother nature of the conflict, so Jacombs endeavours in this place ended up the two supported and encouraged. The official 1916 manual on Bayonet Schooling suggests that: “The spirit of the bayonet will have to be inculcated into all ranks so that they will go forward with the intense dedication and self-assurance in superiority borne of continuous follow, with out which a bayonet assault will not be helpful.”

From the outset, Jacombs study course was nicely obtained and considered to be an excellent success turning out as it did self-assured and capable instructors for the military. Later on, in 1918, Jacomb posted a reserve titled “Boxing for Inexperienced persons” outlining his procedures. It consisted of 3 areas with the first describing how to box, the next describing the romance of boxing to bayonet combating and the 3rd on how to organise a boxing match. In his conclusion to the chapter about the partnership amongst boxing and bayonet combating, Jacomb states the next:

“Each gentleman who is likely to have a rifle and bayonet should really learn to box to support him use the bayonet. He should be taught by men who have had expertise in boxing. His bayonet battling should really be taught by a instructor of that subject matter. If the teacher is great at the two, so significantly the far better. The pupil must usually be taught that the issue of his bayonet is the finest conclusion of his weapon.”

This is extremely related to telling a boxer to continue to keep his opponent on “the close of the Remaining-jab” or to focus on long-assortment “Outfighting”. Even so, Jacomb did also demonstrate and teach how “In-preventing” boxing methods and methods could be tailored for use with a rifle and bayonet, especially by utilising the butt- conclusion of the rifle to supply “Hooks” and “Upper-Cuts” to dispatch a foe rapidly and proficiently.

Boxing is, without having a question, a correct martial science. It has contributed to the teaching of troopers practically considering that the starting of recorded background. Irrespective of whether it be aiding a Hoplite in effective sword and shield drills, affording the officer course a non-deadly alternative to duelling, or maximizing the use of the bayonet in 20th Century warfare. It has shown its effectiveness on the battlefield, in the sporting arena (in opposition to other martial arts) and as an successful suggests of self defence, as taught by James Figg and some others.

I, myself, have experimented with boxing drills as a implies instructing standard short-blade approaches, and have observed this to be incredibly worthy of-while. As a martial science that has confirmed itself continuously over basically countless numbers of several years, it is my opinion that boxing nevertheless has a wonderful deal to supply. At the really minimum, it is a splendid approach for trying to keep match, healthful and focused and also increases balance, coordination and self esteem in the individual. Consequently, by studying boxing a person will be significantly more capable to defend themselves both equally on the road and in battle (we really should keep in mind below that productive bayonet costs have been recorded in both the Falklands (Gurads/Paras July 1982) and Iraq (Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, May perhaps 2004).

Boxing really should be regarded as getting significantly much more than the activity we see. It is a bona fide martial science, and should, as a result be accepted and respected as this kind of.


Source by Jaimie Lee-Barron

From Coke Studio To &quotYouth,&quot &quotTerrorism&quot &amp &quotFlood Influenced Persons&quot


I am not a typical listener of new music but I am seriously motivated by the functionality of the Coke Studio and this total demonstrate. I have oblique affiliation with literature and doing art because of to the simple fact that my grandfather Fida Mutwahir was a outstanding Pashto Poet of his period. Those people who belong to the soil of Puktoonkhwa should be acquainted with his title and his contribution towards Pashto Literature. The unique intermingle of our folk new music can be knowledgeable at the Coke Studio. It is a combine enchantment of jap and western audio that accentuates far more on folk songs. Our singer’s proved to be an asset in the Music Industry by out the world, not just symbolizing Pakistani culture, customs and traditions but also spreading out the concept of Peace, Enjoy and Harmony by their songs.

Coke studio is playing a vital purpose by selling the undertaking art and delivering an intercultural platform to both of those renowned and fresh talent to collaborate with each individual other by using the mix of conventional and ultra modern-day new music instruments and technology. There stunning performances beat the drums up and conveys the message to the environment that we stand united irrespective of race colour, forged and creed. Our artists can play western “Guitars” with common “Rabab” and our singers can sing English tunes with Urdu at the similar time. The female guitarists and singers in the “Cook dinner Studio Clearly show” are obvious to the fact that we imagine in equality of rights and flexibility of speech. We are not extremists and terrorists. We are civilized-reasonable- peace loving Muslims.

Due to minimal range of alternatives our youth is flooding Western environment a person way or the other, legally or illegally, by stroll or by planes. It bleeds my coronary heart, but when I look at the huge photo, I attempt to tranquil down myself mainly because I know they are there for a happy, prosperous and brighter foreseeable future and will contribute towards the enhancement of the country in various fields of lifestyle. The most disappointing problem is the unprofessional mindset of the western media which is not just concerned in racial bigotry of Muslim’s but continually deceptive the world through the wrong and detrimental propaganda significantly from Pakistani’s which is definitely not aligned with fact, so elevating racism and producing hatred amongst the Western and American natives as they are truly media believers.

We have sacrificed our heros in war in opposition to terrorism and the recent 1 is as soon as yet again from Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Siffat Ghayour (Commandent FC) who touched martyrdom to safeguard his soil from terrorism and extremism, Siffat Ghayour played a important purpose in removing the lines of Taliban and made chaos among them, owing to his prosperous counter insurgency strategy, he was on the strike list of Taliban. We have sacrificed hundreds of Siffat Ghayours in this war and a lot of extra will be born to rise towards all those who attempt to choose our nationwide desire in their arms.

At any time because Pakistan arrived into being, we discover this nation in sizzling water, we are at war with ourselves, we are at war with our neighbors, we are at war with pure calamities, we are at war with the Taliban, we are at war with concentrate on killings, and our economic system is dwindling and shrinking day by day. The modern wave of violence in Karachi is on top of everything, the country is by now in volatile situation and these the latest incidents will advanced the situation even additional. Let’s not ignore that Karachi is the major hub of economic routines and the predicament of Karachi demonstrates the country’s financial point out and affairs. Crises in this town is normally seen as an indicator of the situation in the nation as a entire.

A flood ravaged hundreds of villages in Khyber Puktoonkhwa and Punjab and killed additional then 1500 people and has previously entered Sindh. People are getting forced to evacuate the villages sadly we are constantly caught outrageously by disasters. “Program in advance, it was not raining when Noah developed the ark” Whoever unfortunate it, unhappy it for this working day. Anticipate the unforeseen from existence and mother nature. Challenging periods do arrive in the historical past of the nations but all those who are ready and ready for it, experience it courageously. No contingency strategy is in spot in order to deal with natural calamities. Our leaders can import luxury cars but they can not buy boats, ambulances, hearth brigade trucks, helicopters and lifestyle saving products especially for emergencies. Govt is allocating hundreds and hundreds of acres for housing schemes however there are no long term compounds for people impacted by the floods or all those who become IDP’s. And 1 need to say many thanks to God for screening us in summers, the disasters typically blew our doorways through summer time vacations when schools are unoccupied and cost-free to make use of as shelter homes.

Contingency prepare must be in area irrespective of character of the disaster temperature its earthquake, flood, bombing or whichever. The function of current disaster administration mobile is restricted to figures and distribution of donations and it bears a very terrible reputation due to its weak help management. One particular can nevertheless uncover the earthquake relief products in the marketplaces this kind of as blankets and tents, sold in the open up current market. Considering that then individuals hardly believe in these authorities institutions for the distribution of donations Exact same is the scenario with global neighborhood, their reaction towards this modern catastrophe was fairly slow and we did not get more than enough help from the international neighborhood though I individually come to feel that we should really not count on foreign assist but even if we do not require it, our leaders are utilised to publicize and exploit these types of instances and disasters in the larger sized interest of their Swiss bank accounts.

In the wake of current situation I have arrive to this summary that we should really sort committees on grass root degree, at Mohallah, Village, Tehsil and District amount. The collection points should be the Mosques of every single Mohallah. In every one particular KM place there are 5 to 8 mosques and each and every mosques serves at least thirty to 40 houses in every single spot. Religious leaders and scholars need to arrive forward go doorway to doorway and acquire donations and should choose duty for distribution of donations as well. (Wake up Molvi Saabs, you have to be on your toes the way you are energetic on the situation of Eid-Ul-Adha, exploring for Qurbani ka Bakra’s doorway to doorway). Turn on the loudspeakers of your mosques although you preach do not remind us of our wrong executing. Sure I know it is due to the fact of our erroneous doings that we are struck by floods and earthquakes but enable bygone be bygone or we can examine this afterwards. It is time to act. Please any person has to translate this to our Molvi Sahiban. And a single additional essential issue, Ramadan is forward so you should no fights about moon sighting for God sake. Similarly, Dr Sahiban are also requested to collect medicines for the epidemic caused by the floods from the pharmaceutical organizations who have sucked the blood of this nation, building millions of revenue every single year, sending troops of troops abroad for conferences, seminars and arranging international family members trips for their partners in criminal offense (with apology from all those we have not been on these trips ever, excellent guys are excluded and I am asking the fantastic ones to gather donations though if negative kinds wants to be part of, they are not banned).

The estimated complete inhabitants of our country in 2010 is 170200500 and we are the sixth most populous place in the world. The selection of people today straight impacted by the flood is 8000000. The remaining population is 169400500. It is a problem and fight for individuals remaining 169400500 men and women to earn the hearts and minds of these 8000000 flood victims. There are very significantly less selection of options out there in this country and of training course we do absence leadership but enable me assure one particular matter to all of you, this country does not lack means and talent this nation has enough spirit and compassion to deal with wars and disasters which have already been noticed during the earthquake.

It provides me enormous pleasure when my eyes sight these young young ones standing in the scorching warmth in just about every nock and corner of the place, carrying buckets, jogging after automobiles and buses risking their everyday living for their beloved types and accumulating donations for them. I am not hopeless from the youth of this place and I have faith in my kids, they goal higher and there eyesight is outside of the sky. They have achieved higher and they will realize greater nevertheless inshallah. Our youth despise corruption and they are against dowry and bribery. We want leaders with authentic degrees, trustworthy and good track record and audio skilled angle and character. Enable the world honor us with medals not shoes. We want to stand amid the civilized nations and we will rise versus all the odds. Let us guidance our youth and stimulate them that they are not by itself in this noble cause. Give them what they want, from donation to support, from publications to guitar and profession to management, give them option and allow them be the true leaders and messengers of this soil, don’t forget what is accomplished to young children right now, will they return to the modern society tomorrow. Donate generously for the well currently being and rehabilitation of the flood victims, donate it the way you want, as a lot as you can and in whichever way you can, I have no issue with that as prolonged as you are donating.


Supply by Kashif Ur Rehman

The Making of the Fantastic Pyramid



‘Rock-making’ in Peru or Giza has significantly to provide the engineer who will see how these if not undescribable marvels had been realized. Certainly the full situation is virtually difficult to imagine when you see how a lot proof of wonderful things performed in the previous and how the cosmology of all peoples on earth is so related. For illustration, I just watched a display dealing with the Incan Andean cosmology that mentioned they believed in ‘As Previously mentioned, So Below’. This is just one of the a few regulations of the Magi and the Dictum of Hermes that our top secret agent of British Intelligence has on the back again include of his guide ‘Secret Societies’. It can make sense when you know Quetzacoatl/Kukulcan/Xolotl and at moments Verachocha is a white guy who delivers astronomers with him through several generations as quoted by quite a few in the words of Monteczuma and others.

Dr. Davidovits is the contemporary patent holder of a lot of geopolymeric rock-creating or concrete processes and I talked at duration with his co-creator Marjorie Morris in 1993-four about a variety of matters linked to their e-book ‘The Pyramids: An Enigma Solved’. In the curiosity of brevity I’ll leave out how they were back again-stabbed in a media hatchet-job by WGBH Boston who developed what the BBC normally takes to faculties all around the entire world. It is a video referred to as ‘This Old Pyramid’ and it was demonstrated on U.S. Countrywide Television set as effectively as ‘The Mother nature of Things’ with David Suzuki. I saw his letter expressing he did not know they had applied fork-raise trucks and modern day resources to build this small pyramid that shifted in the sand immediately after a couple of weeks and failed to have the ‘fit’ anyway. Several people imagine Hermes Trismegistus was a compiler of the awareness of Thoth or Ptah whose T-square is on a stele I found at Chichen Itza. This is the very same T-sq. the Masons employed for yrs and now you see on their temples all over the place with the quarter circle addition to give the degrees so critical to them (It may possibly have 33 degrees like our vertebrae, but there are other levels of meaning in levels.).

Section of the historic attunement arts bundled a marriage with minerals as attested to in nearly all shamanic cultures. The current April difficulty of Scientific American bargains with this in a somewhat tangential manner as it mentions the Miller-Urey Chicago development of life experiment that was taught as development of animate from inanimate for lots of years despite the fact that it basically just isn’t development, of considerably much more than a few fundamental proteins. Nonetheless, that begin which turned a useless stop in some people’s minds has continued to produce important insights. This specific article allows 1 see how the attunement could have been initiated by the collective consciousnesses within inanimate matter or mountains that the natives of the earth revere. It might be a bit of a stretch but the nanotube write-up and other science from good state chemistry as effectively as the operate of Drs. Robins and Tiller would assistance it as well.

“Carbon-based molecules desired safety and assistance to enact this drama The beginning of daily life, which NASA now is aware of is everywhere you go.. It turns out that minerals could have served at minimum 5 considerable features, from passive props to lively gamers, in daily life-inducing chemical reactions. Little compartments What Robins phone calls ‘energy wells’. in mineral buildings can shelter uncomplicated molecules, while mineral surfaces can present the scaffolding on which those molecules assemble and expand. Further than these sheltering and supportive features, crystal faces of particular minerals can actually find individual molecules resembling individuals that were being destined to become biologically essential. The metallic ions in other minerals can jump-start meaningful reactions like those people that have to have converted straightforward molecules into self-replicating entities. Most astonishingly, most likely, are the the latest indications that elements of dissolved minerals can be integrated into organic molecules. In other words and phrases, minerals could not have just assisted biological molecules come collectively, they could have become section of life itself!” (eleven)

Right before relocating into the feelings (briefly introduced) of Davidovits and Morris (who has develop into a shrill advocate without the need of scholarly aplomb for good reason) make it possible for me to include things like an illustration of some shamanic and Taoist imagined. The forces which exist in nature and orient in movement along grid lines in the entire of the earth are equally current in each individual crystal and the rationale why the nanotubes add to their construction in the types they do. The four most important forces on this illustration are vital factors of the adepthoods in all mother nature-focused science. The secondary and other forces are a lot of and aspect of the glue that tends to make the entire of existence meaningful. Needless to say there are several understanding trees that much more completely replicate these anciently comprehended realities. The Sephirah or spheres in the Judaic tradition are quite akin to the North The usa Indian Tree of Yggdrasil (aligned with the Norse) and some folks invest a entire life span obtaining to know just 1 sphere or sephirah.

“Geopolymers are revolutionary for the concrete sector He is a member of the Board of Portland Cement and a Director of a French concrete growth consortium or analysis entity. His Doctorate in chemistry started his journey.. Any form of rock combination can be utilised, and concrete built with the geopolymeric binder is nearly indistinguishable from all-natural stone. Geologists unfamiliar with the technical options afforded by geopolymerization have scrutinized geopolymeric concrete and have mistaken it for normal stone. This is unprecedented technological know-how no large warmth or pressure is required… sets speedily at place temperatures to kind artificial stone…

To build a new department of chemistry is a person issue, but to utilize that chemistry to ancient record is pretty a different. How did I find out that the pyramid stone is also geopolymeric? Any concept need to be feasible then, there should be proof and ultimately, really hard scientific proof is needed. All mysteries linked with pyramid development have to be solved. The pyramid rock weighs twenty-25% considerably less than quarried stone and the similar as geopolymeric rock. This does not indicate that Christopher Dunn’s finishing engineering does not apply and that moulds ended up used when obelisks or special rocks had been expected either. He doesn’t offer with the therapeutic or other strength in some of these surrounding structures possibly. A description is identified in the ancient science encyclopedia penned by Pliny the Elder (A.D. 23-79), the Roman naturalist. Pliny’s account is not legendary or created esoterically it evidently describes the salient options of the know-how. But Pliny’s description has not been comprehended by modern day science, mainly because to figure out what is created, a single should have the proper know-how… Or at the very least adequate to essentially hear what is becoming said.

To date, the passages similar to alchemical stonemaking confuse students, ensuing in gross errors of translation on Pliny’s function. Even worse, the salient ideas and qualities of the historical science currently being mysterious, the translators dismissed Pliny’s account as faulty. De Roziere commented on the difficulties of translation:

‘M. Grosse, writer of a German translation of Pliny, hugely esteemed by figured out people, factors out that in the total of this description the Roman naturalist appears to have performed his most effective to make himself obscure. ‘Despite my familiarity,’ he claimed, ‘both with Pliny’s design and the this means he gives to terms, it has been difficult, at times even not possible, to translate the passages obviously and specifically.’ The purpose was definitely that he was unfamiliar with the material that Pliny was describing…

A passage from Ebook 31 of Pliny’s encyclopedia built no perception to the French scholars. But the passage is persuasive in its assist of the existence of alchemical stonemaking. The passage seems in Latin as follows:

Nitrariae Aegypti circa Naucratim et Memphim tantum solebant esse, circa Memphim deteriores. Nam et lapidescit ibi in ascervis: multique sunt cumuli ea de causa saxei. Faciunt ex his vasa

Translated into English this passage reads:

In earlier situations, Egypt had no outcrops of natron apart from for all those around Naucratus Exactly where the Milesian consortium established up their investing city all around the 6th century BCE. and Memphis, the merchandise of Memphis getting apparently inferior. It is a point that in accumulation of components it (natron) petrifies (minerals). In this way takes place a multitude of heaps (of minerals) which became reworked into genuine rocks. The Egyptians manufactured rocks of it.

This individual passage is basic and straitforward, so there is no error of translation.” (twelve)

The following estimate from him must be read in light of the new archaeological finds that show agriculture and an alphabet (Flinders Petrie understood of a substantially extra ancient alphabet of a non-hieroglyphic nature in Egypt in the early 20th century as did MacDari. Grant notes a pre-present Canaanite alphabet. Gimbutas has shown a large amount that relates to this as well as to the Tartessus penned background Strabo explained recorded seven,000 yrs just before Christ, etc. and so forth.) from a thousand several years ahead of the Nile had these issues. There is proof of an sophisticated agriculture in the Nile that existed when the Sphinx was built and then still left the place throughout the moist phases of the past Ice Age all-around 7,000 BC as very well.

“The Terrific Pyramid in front of Khafra’s pyramid has become far more controversial than ever in light of new geological research. Primarily based on the serious manner in which blocks covering the decreased layers Obviously not normally transpiring as the ‘Archaeology Magazine’ presentation of this thirty day period (April 2001) would have its visitors consider could possibly be accurate. of the human body and paws are eroded, the age of the Sphinx has, after again, occur into major dilemma.

Now, the Sphinx is attributed to Khafra (Chephre in another language). Before Egyptologists considered it was erected a excellent offer previously than his reign, potentially at the conclusion of the archaic period. The Sphinx looks much older than the Pyramids.

No inscriptions connect the sacred monument to Khafra (except reconstruction gangs graffiti), but in the Valley Temple, a dozen statues of Khafra, one in the type of a Sphinx, have been uncovered in the 1950’s. Some Egyptologists declare a resemblance between these statues and the encounter of the Sphinx.

A doc which suggests higher antiquity, nevertheless, was discovered on the Giza Plateau by French Egyptologists through the nineteenth century Napoleon received to collect the Maltese island and good wealth on his way to the desert in an expedition of no military benefit. The Britannica even acknowledges this mysterious circumstance. The textual content, termed the ‘Inventory Stele’, bears inscriptions relating occasions for the duration of the reign of Khafra’s father, Khufu. The text says that Khufu instructed that a temple be erected along with the Sphinx, indicating that the Sphinx presently existed ahead of Khafra’s time. The accuracy of the stele has been questioned due to the fact it dates from the 20-initial Dynasty (1070-945 BC.), extensive after the Pyramid Age, but due to the fact the Egyptians took terrific satisfaction in exact file trying to keep Very well, let us say they have been well informed of glory and posterity they would also have recognized what happened in a time nearer to their period of history, than Egyptologists currently. and the mindful copying of files, no authoritative purpose exists to price cut the text as inaccurate.

Fragments of early papyruses and tablets, as perfectly as the afterwards writings of the 3rd century B.C. Greco-Egyptian historian A priest Manetho, assert that Egypt was dominated for 1000’s of many years just before the Very first Dynasty, some texts assert as a lot as 36,000 decades previously. A deep mine in Egypt is described to have been dated to 35,000 BC. that came to light in the final calendar year or so. This history is dismissed by Egyptologists as legend Even though they use Manetho’s kings list extensively in their have fabrication.. Nevertheless, historical Egyptian heritage is seen by scholars mostly from a New Kingdom perspective To dovetail with the Bible Narrative. since various documents have survived from Thebes. The capital of Memphis, established through prehistoric occasions, was a vitally vital religious, business, cultural and administrative centre with a existence span of countless numbers of many years, but unfortunately, it has not been effectively excavated.

Britannica tells us: “the excavations of Thomas W. Jacobsen at the Franchithi Cave on the Bay of Argos… by 13,000 – 11,000 B.C. and that the cultivation of hybrid grains, the domestication of animals, and structured local community tuna hunts had now started.” (13) This is in Crete where yet another major Keltic administrative colony existed, to go together with Malta and in all probability Byblos if not what is known as Harappa, and also Finias.

The the latest geological studies of the Sphinx have kindled extra than debate over the attribution and age. The recognized record of the evolution of civilization is becoming challenged.

A review of the intense body erosion of the Sphinx and the hollow in which it is located signifies that the detrimental agent was h2o. A slow erosion happens in limestone when water is absorbed and reacts with salts in the stone. The controversy occurs in excess of the extensive quantities of drinking water dependable.

Two theories are well-liked. Just one is that groundwater slowly rose into the physique of the Sphinx. This concept makes irreconcilable issues: A latest study carried out by the American Research Heart in Egypt (ARCE) identified that a few distinctly independent repair operations have been completed on the Sphinx concerning the New Kingdom and the Ptolemaic rule, that is, through a interval of around 700 to 1,000 several years. The review also implies that the Sphinx was currently in its recent condition of erosion when the early repairs were being designed. No appreciable erosion has happened considering the fact that the first problems, nor is there further damage on the bedrock of the encompassing hollow, an area that never ever underwent restore.

Recognizing this, one need to think about that the inundating Nile slowly and gradually created up levels of silt more than millennia, and this was accompanied by a gradual rise in the drinking water. Throughout Khafra’s time the h2o table was about 30 toes reduced than it is nowadays. For the growing groundwater concept to hold, an unbelievable geological circumstance would have to have taken location. It would mean that from thirty feet reduce than today’s drinking water table, h2o rose to about two toes into the physique of the Sphinx and the bordering hollow, exactly where it induced erosion for approximately 600 decades, and then stopped its detrimental outcomes.

Historians locate the second idea that is provided far more unthinkable. It implies that the source of h2o stemmed from the moist phases of the previous ice age–c.15,000 to ten,000 B.C.- Schoch has it at this time according to West and Graham Hancock or other alien theorists but his true initially option is seven,000 BC period. when Egypt underwent intervals of severe flooding. This hypothesis advocates that the Sphinx necessarily existed before the floods. If it could be established, well-set up theories about prehistory would be radically shaken. The world’s most mysterious sculpture would date to a time when historians area humanity in a neolithic environment, dwelling in open camps and dependent largely on hunting and foraging.” (fourteen)

As a result the Egyptians would have to give up their claim to having created it. This is their satisfaction and pleasure and it is complicated to admit these kinds of a lie. The fact when just one appears to be like at all the facts is that there is no way the Egyptians designed the Great Pyramid. If it was not the Phoenicians then it was African cultures this kind of as Timbuktu, who we know even less about. It is probably they and other individuals all over the entire world just imitated it and its capstone which is more mature than its base (ARCE carbon, AMS, relationship). The capstone may well have been utilized as a design to reveal the results of two excellent tetrahedra in a best pyramid that generates ‘phi’ and the sort of design and style that the nautilus deep sea shell consists of. These are not co-incidences and replicate on awareness gained as a result of attunements with non secular factors or ‘direct cognition’. The only other doable explanation is the alien idea or an innovative hominid that rose to our existing level of technological being familiar with that went into area or in some way disappeared. Would they have absent to house like we can, and return for proper or special means required from their evolutionary property? We need to keep an open intellect and not test to make information power-in good shape straightforward theories. That method is popular in science and goes by names like ‘reductivism’, ‘gradualism’, and ‘direct inference’.


Supply by Robert Baird

The Cross of the Templars: The Heritage of the Accurate Cross


These days the earth is likely mad for all points Knights Templar. They have by no means been so common. All over the place you change you can find a new e book, poster, t-shirt and even mug with their notorious purple cross on a white qualifications. But this wasn’t their only symbol, and we learned that there was even larger reality to be observed powering this enigmatic imagery and feel it or not, it experienced nothing at all at all to do with Dan Brown.

We start off our quest with a common image to a lot of men and women – the ankh. Today there are tens of millions of people strolling all over with this one of a kind and extremely vital symbol on chains close to their necks. Even Christians adorn on their own with the picture, considering it to be a regular cross. And nonetheless the importance of the symbolism implied by this seemingly unobtrusive small item is really profound.

This enigmatic symbol of Egypt represents in its easiest interpretation ‘eternal life’ and was usually located in the names of Pharaoh’s such as the notorious Tut-ankh-amun. The symbol is often depicted currently being held by a god to a Pharaoh, supplying him daily life, or held by a Pharaoh to his persons, supplying them lifetime – this basically set apart the immortals, from the mortals, for anybody donning or carrying the Ankh had obtained or hoped to get immortality. Individuals keeping the ankh were the fantastic magicians, the types capable of altering reality – they had the electrical power of the Otherworld via the gadget which symbolised the obtain to the Otherworld. So what features of this ankh give it this particular electric power?

The Ankh is technically known as the Crux Ansata. It is a basic T-Cross, surmounted by an oval – referred to as the Ru. The Ru is normally seen as the portal or gateway to another dimension these as heaven, in essence, the Otherworld. The ankh thus gets to be the symbol of transition from a single simple to one more. It outlived Egyptian domination and was widely utilised by the Christians as their to start with cross, but in this image retains a clue to the secret of the serpent.

A single character intricately joined with the ankh and specifically the Tau cross is Thoth or Taautus – a character no distinct to the alchemists and Greeks Hermes or the biblical Enoch, the two of whom had been transported to other worlds in strategies comparable to contemporary altered states of consciousness.

Amazingly Thoth was reported by Eusebius to be the originator of serpent worship in Phoenicia and this will demonstrate to be of worthy of. Sanchoniathon referred to as him a god and states that he built the very first image of Coleus [one] and invented hieroglyphs. This back links him with Hermes whom we pointed out previously. Thoth also consecrated the linked species of dragons and serpents and the Phoenicians and Egyptians followed him in this superstition.

This Thoth could incredibly well be a memory of the 1st team who originated the worship of the serpent immediately after the flood or end of previous ice age roughly 12000 years in the past. Thoth was deified soon after his loss of life (a time that nobody understands, if in fact he existed) and offered the title “the god of overall health” or “therapeutic”. He was the proto-variety for the serpent-linked healer Aesculapius and identified with Mercury who bore the serpent entwined caduceus. All healers, all intelligent, all teachers, all saviours and all connected with the serpent for their powers. Indeed, it was as the therapeutic god that Thoth was symbolized as the serpent – whereas he was typically represented with the head of an Ibis and Baboon.

The Letter or Symbol ‘Tau’ is the initial letter of Taautus, Tammuz and Thoth and is imagined to be the ‘Mark of Cain’, who himself was identified as the “son of serpents.” In numerous respects it is also linked with the ancient swastika, so well-recognized to us now from Nazi imagery.


The historic symbol of the swastika is just a stylised spiral as can be demonstrated from the lots of depictions throughout the entire world of swastikas produced up of spirals and snakes. It also displays up in the spiral fashions of the labyrinths and mazes. The term labyrinth will come straight from the historical Minoan Snake Goddess culture of Crete, exactly where the swastika was employed as a symbol of the labyrinth and is joined etymologically with the “double headed axe” – which is none other than the Tau Cross. Related labyrinthine shaped swastikas have been uncovered in the historic city of Harappa from the 2000 BC. As the labyrinth is viewed as a womb of the Mom Goddess, and a image of the snake, there is tiny speculate that these two symbols became fused. Nonetheless, labyrinths were being also seen as spots of historical serpent initiation. In historical Egypt the labyrinth was synonymous with what was named the Amenti – the snake like path taken by the dead to journey from demise to resurrection. It was Isis, the serpent queen of heaven, who was to tutorial the souls as a result of the twists of the Amenti. The path towards the centre, qualified prospects in direction of treasure.

The snake adorning Athene in ancient Greece is revealed with a swastika skirt. The very same is true of Astarte or Asherah and Artemis. There is Samarran pottery courting from 5000-4000 BC from Mesopotamia demonstrating a female and swastika, in which the females hair swirls with Medusa kind serpents. The swastika is also revealed as two serpents crossing each individual other.

In Norse fantasy, the hammer of Thor [two], Mjollnir, is closely related with the swastika and is located to be a well known motif in Scandinavian artwork from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. It is uncovered on swords and Anglo-Saxon cremation urns and on numerous Viking items. It was seen as a protector towards intruders, reminiscent of the actuality that serpents were recognized to guard treasure. As Thor’s hammer was also viewed as a Tau cross it is surely linked to the secrets of the serpent. It was utilised by Thor to lop off the head of the sacred ox, which he employed as bait to catch the Midgard Serpent, which encircled the world in the symbol of the Ouroboros, consuming its personal tail. This was Thor offering a head as sacrifice to the serpent to try out and gain immortality in the mead – the drink of the gods. He was using the serpent, to capture the serpent. It was the cessation of the continual biking of the Midgard Serpent that Thor attempted and in this way, he conquer time by itself.

Thor’s purpose was to attain a cauldron major enough to take the mead for the immortals and he essential to establish his really worth by fishing for the serpent. He experienced electricity around the serpent as the slayer, with the swastika or Tau cross. There is evidence to establish that the myths of these Scandinavians and the Hindus are connected, as the tale of Thor and the Midgard Serpent intently resemble the battle concerning Indra and Vritra, showing a frequent origin. Vritra is the great serpent, which lies at the resource of two rivers (the constructive and unfavorable or male and woman), as the Midgard Serpent lies beneath the sea (of the mind). Indra slits open up the tummy of the serpent to release the waters and as a result fertility back again to the land. Each gods, Indra and Thor, are associated to the weather, each are warrior gods with a thunderbolt as a weapon and each slay the dragon. The swastika of the serpent is a prevalent motif in both cultures. Sooner or later the Christians steal the two pagan myths and area St. Michael and St. George in their spot – both of those possessing the pink serpent cross to swap the swastika.

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The cross is also located in the legends of Thoth or Taautus who was explained to have symbolized the 4 things with a easy cross, which originated from the oldest Phoenician alphabet as the curling serpent. Certainly Philo provides that the Phoenician alphabet “are those shaped by signifies of serpents . . . and adored them as the supreme gods, the rulers of the universe.” If Thoth, Hermes and even Enoch are the meant inventors of the artwork of crafting then there is small marvel that they are so closely connected with the serpent.

Bunsen in the 19th century imagined, “the forms and movements of serpents were utilized in the invention of the oldest letters, which depict gods.” This symbol of the four aspects was altered somewhat and turned the Egyptian Taut, the similar as the Greek Tau, which is where by we get the name Tau Cross from – a straightforward T.

The T or Tau cross also offers its title to the Bull in the Astrological indicator of Taurus – notice listed here the two elements of the Tau and the Ru being brought alongside one another. In fact the Druids (or “adders” soon after the snake) commemorated the tree and the snake by scrawling the Tau cross into tree bark.

In the Middle Ages the Tau cross was used in amulets to protect the wearer versus disease.

Amongst the modern Freemasons the Tau has a lot of meanings. Some say that it stands for Templus Hierosolyma or the Temple of Jerusalem, other individuals that it signifies concealed treasure or means Clavis advert Thesaurum, ‘A important to treasure’ or Theca ubi res pretiosa, ‘A spot the place the precious factor is hid.’

It is specifically vital in Royal Arch Masonry exactly where it becomes the ‘Companions Jewel’ with a serpent as a circle previously mentioned the cross bar in position of the Ru and forming the Ankh with the Hebrew word for ‘serpent’ engraved on the upright and also like the Triple Tau – a symbol for hidden treasure.

It was also the image for St. Anthony – afterwards to come to be the image for the Knights Templar of St. Anthony of Leith in Scotland. St. Anthony lived in the 4th century Advert and is credited with creating Monasticism in Egypt, and frequently the story goes that he offered all his belongings soon after listening to from the Lord and marched off into the wilderness to turn into a hermit. On his travels he figured out substantially from many sages in Egypt and grew for himself a big subsequent. He was sorely tempted by the satan in the kind of ‘creeping things’ and serpents. In one episode he follows a trail of gold to a temple, which is infested with serpents and will take up residence, needing minor food items for sustenance other than bread and water. He is claimed to have lived one zero five a long time and thanks to this longevity he is credited with protective powers.

The Purchase of the Hospitalers of St. Anthony, who would later on take a lot of the Templar prosperity, introduced numerous of Anthony’s relics to France in the 11th century. Beforehand they were being reported to have been secretly deposited somewhere in Egypt just soon after his demise and then later on to have observed their way to Alexandria. All of this is a symbolic representation of the reality. The reality in fact is that the solution of these tales identified their way to Alexandria, which was a mixing bowl of the occult, esoteric, Gnostic and mystical globe and from there it unfold into Europe by means of such actions as the Templars, Rosicrucians and later the Freemasons – for this reason the rationale for discovering the symbolism in the ‘Companions Jewel.’

The Taut or Tau symbolizes the producing 4 factors of the universe. It is the centre of all this creation, it is the spark in the cycle, the incredibly centre of all. Upcoming the symbol of the photo voltaic-serpent was extra, a simple circle or the oval Ru. This loop above the T cross-created the Ankh, the image of eternity. The snake in a circle ingesting its have tale is symbolic of the solar and immortality.

Finally the symbol of the moon was included to this, turning it into the signal for Hermes or Mercury and demonstrating the Caduceus/Serpent origin. No surprise that this, the most great and easy of symbolic devices turned the symbol of the early Christians no wonder that, even however there were no cross-beam crucifixions, Christ was in no way the less symbolically crucified on a image of everlasting lifestyle, a image of the serpent.

This image became the mark or signal, which would set the believer aside for saving. In Ezekiel this is the mark that god will know, the mark on the forehead. As Deane points out the Ezekiel passage (nine:4) should really go through, “set a Tau on their foreheads.” or “mark with the letter Tau the foreheads.” The early Christians baptized with the time period “crucis thaumate notare.” [3] They baptized with the symbol of the snake.

Is this the first mark of Cain, who we have identified elsewhere to be of the serpent tribe?

The concept of this indicator or mark is prevalent at the time uncovered. In Career 31:35 we browse in our modern day Bibles “I indicator now my defence – let the Almighty solution me” which should effectively read through, “Behold, here is my Tau, enable the Almighty respond to me.” He then goes on and states “Undoubtedly I would just take it upon my shoulder, and bind it as a crown to me.”

This extraordinary strategy of carrying the Tau cross on the shoulder as a indicator would afterwards come to be section and parcel of the crusader Templars markings. Also the Merovingians (mentioned by some to be descended from Jesus and a sea serpent or fish god – the Quinotaur or Quino-Tau-r) have been supposedly born with a red cross involving their shoulder blades. The Tau cross is also unusually utilised by people practising sacred geometry as a “marker” for buried treasure, whether or not bodily or spiritual.

This buried treasure is definitely the centre. The position in our minds and hearts exactly where we obtain the original self. This initial centre (heart suggests centre) was witnessed to be linked to the Common Mind and only by accessing this centre of ourselves could we obtain the Common Mind or God. This in convert stops time, we grow to be a person with all and we believe that we are immortal. The Tau marks this spot, both on the forehead or in the upper body (between the shoulders), revealing to others those who can entry the place in time in which God resides. The word Temple from whence Templar derives has a different which means – tempos simply just usually means time. The accurate Temple is that put which has electric power more than the biking power of the serpent. The genuine Temple, like the a single on our brow, is inside of us.


1 Coelus was the Roman personified god of the heavens and is discovered with Uranus of the Greeks.

2 Labyrinth means double headed axe just like the Hammer of Thor and that Thor’s title is connected with that of Thoth.

3 John Bathurst Dean in Worship of the Serpent Traced During the Entire world and its Traditions Referred to the Activities in Paradise (1830).


Supply by Philip Gardiner

Richness and Elegance of Indian Style Stays Alive


Indian manner is prosperous and varied comparable to the assorted society and prosperous heritage of India. Individuals in the country comply with diverse religions and society, just about every having its possess distinctive style of attire.

No matter what the faith or society, the regular manner in India was restricted to many types of sari. Though some made use of to don salwar kameez as perfectly but the quantities have been little. Some of the altering traits in fashion were traced out in the Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilizations. Above the time period of time, numerous models and traits invaded the manner sector with globalization and westernization.

Around the a long time, the models and traits have witnessed a important alter the classic Indian sari however stays in limelight. The attire has retained its allure, class, and richness even in the westernized manner environment. It is a person these types of apparel that would make a girl appear more wonderful, graceful, and sensuous. All that is changed with the changing style is the types of sporting sari and the fabric utilized to style a sari. Now, India saris are accessible in a array of materials and designs. Some of the widespread fabric forms accessible are the cotton, silk, crepe, crepe, georgettes, chiffon, polyester, and synthetic. These kinds are adorned with various decorative pieces like mirrors, zari, embroidery, and kundan to intensify the natural beauty of Indian sari.

Each individual point out in the place has its distinctive form of saree development and style. Even now, these regular sorts embrace the richness of cultural heritage of various region and have come to be timeless. Some of these are Bandhani, patola, Guajarati brocade, chanderi, maheshwari, gadwall, kota doria, phulkari, lucknowi, Banaras brocade, kanjeevaram, konrad or temple saree, baluchari, and paithani.

One more most well-known Indian costume is the salwar kameez. The development of this attire advanced from the states of Punjab and Kashmir. Step by step, the development unfold throughout the length and breadth of the place with new models and grace. These days, quite a few varieties and designs of salwar kameez are viewed in the fashion sector, some of which have influences from western tradition and some are nonetheless keeping to the old classic magnificence. Like the saree, salwar kameez are also observed in selection of materials and gildings.

In the present era, types of Indian dressing in enormously influences by the western tradition. Present-day style globe is characterized by Indo-western style that is a fantastic mix of modernity and custom. This sort of fashion is characterised by a shorter leading or kurti with jeans, pants, or churidars. Some even use a stole or brief scarf to include an elegance of Indian contact to their outfits.

When it will come to men’s trend, the traditional kurta pajama is however in image. Though selection of materials, layouts, and adornments utilised for developing the attire have improved in synchronization with the manner developments. Westernization has released fashionable jeans, trousers, and codrois. The availability of materials and shades has also modified around a period of time. No matter what new has come in is generally welcome but currently also males dress in designer kurta pajama or dhoti kurta on specific instances and festivals to increase further allure and magnificence to their temperament.

Though Inidan style is motivated by western lifestyle, men and women throughout the boundaries are captivated to the exclusive and gorgeous style styles and tendencies in India. Indian garments is obtaining a massive influence on the global style earth.


Supply by Jennie Amit Gandhi

The Legitimate Identity of Thoth is Disclosed


This is likely to build a massive bang and a wonderful controversy for what I am about to claim. And, for the very first time ever acclaimed considering the fact that the emerald tablets was found many years ago.

There is a conclusive evidence based upon historical and theological references that Thoth the Atlantean is basically a effectively recognized determine through human background who managed to reside through tales and mythology in just about just about every lifestyle.

It is a prevalent awareness to Muslims and Christians alike in the Mid East that St. George is none else but al Khodor (the inexperienced person).

Historic references of Thoth portrait him as the Serpent slayer. St. George is portrait as the dragon slayer. Serpent and Dragon are symbols for Satan or the Devil, EVIL…

Emerald Tablets speaks of Thoth though sporting a purple and gold gown with a silver crown on his head, saved from Arulu a lady fairer than the daughters of gentlemen. ‘Tablet Ten, Made use of I the drum of the serpent, wore I the gown of the purple and gold, positioned on my head, I, the crown of silver”.

St. George portrait was to have managed to save a wonderful princess and married her. The title George derives from Gregarious which truly indicates Eco-friendly. The indication of circle and cross of Thoth also identified its way to medieval Christianity and managed to come to be a church icon. Crossed circles scratched on stones have been recovered from Paleolithic cave web sites in the Pyrenees.

At the Callanish Stones in the Outer Hebrides, the most popular megalithic website in Scotland, crossing avenues of standing stones prolong from a circle. Scratched into stone or painted on pottery, as on that of the Samara tradition, the crossed-circle image appears in this kind of numerous parts as the Pyrenees, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, the Iranian plateau, and the cities of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa in the Indus River valley (Wikipedia).

It truly is said that Thoth was Hermes, and was one of the sons of Adam.

In accordance to Islamic historical and theological references it is also said Al Khodor “who by the way also signifies Green in Arabic language”, was basically a single of the young children of Kane son of Adam, and before he died he informed his children of the flood and Noah’s Arch and requested his corpse to be taken with them and be buried the place the Arch docks. Adam prayed to God that whoever buries his physique to be granted an eternal everyday living. Al Khodor was chosen from among Noah’s young children to carry on this mission.

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Emerald Tablets, Emerald is Eco-friendly.
Thoth relayed a equivalent story of a area ship they utilized to flee out of Atlantis right after remaining hit by gigantic tsunamis….

Islamic references talk of Al Khodor participating in a significant position in opposing the antichrist at the stop of days. And that he will problem the antichrist to get rid of him and the antichrist kills him for the first time and then revives him to establish his may, Al Khodor re challenges the antichrist to kill him still once more, when the antichrist try to do so for the next time, he fails, that would be the signal of his ends approaching. Right after that, the antichrist will be vanquished by the authentic Jesus at lions properly, (Beir Sabei) at LLidd in Palestine.

Thoth speaks of coming back again and however he speaks of confronting the evil that will come from beneath at conclusion of times, when guy learns to fly on wings like that of birds and learns to harness the lightening ” Emerald Tablets “. Al Khodor is a prophet, that is for certain. And Thoth Emerald Tablets have several of its rates with matching similarities in indicating to Holy Publications.

In accordance to Muslim belief, Al Khodor visits Mecca in Hajj time every calendar year and he stands in Arafat on the appointed working day of Wukouf, (read Kassass Al Anbya, tales of the prophets ).

Extensive reside Thoth, or Al Khodor, or St. George.

CHEKITAT, ARLICH, VOLMALITES as he asked for to be named in the Emerald Tablets.

Adam El Masri


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Numismatology - Pursuing The Background Of Forex


Coins have been employed as the main medium of exchange because historic times. The concept of financial system stands on the base supplied by these small pieces of steel. In reality, in most languages, the terms “coin” and “forex” are normally viewed as synonymous. The heritage of coins as a result of the ages, not amazingly, would make exciting looking through. In truth, numismatics, i.e., coin collectors, generally think about gathering cash as “gathering snippets of heritage”.

The time of creation of the world’s to start with coin is a make any difference of substantially speculation and debate amongst numismatics. It is doubted whether or not the individuals of Lydia, Chinese or Indians had been the very first folks to use cash as mediums of trade. Lydian cash, on the other hand, generally contained symbols of people fairly an official seal, thus these are normally considered of as particular tokens. Also, historical evidence indicates that the men and women who handed these out typically hammered the coins into shapes by themselves, so the presence of a structured economy is drastically doubted. In India or China, nonetheless, the symbols of the coins ended up normally uniform, consequently indicating towards presence of a sturdy affordable background. These coins are now the attributes of India and China, and are viewable to standard populace in museums, which is pretty valuable to numismatics, who want to examine these.

Cash are manufactured of various types of metals. Iron, steel, copper, bronze, zinc, all have discovered their application in the development of cash by the ages. The cash minted for the duration of the Maurya dynasty’s rule had been created of copper and iron, whilst those people produced even previously, like those in the course of the Mohenjodaro-Harappa civilizations were designed of bronze. These cash are acknowledged as the houses of the countries, in which these are excavated and are normally secured as countrywide treasures.

Coins are not usually utilized as mere mediums of trade. Bullion coins are normally made out of treasured metals like gold, platinum or palladium in order to maintain these metals in a fixed condition with the very least total of impurities in those. Also, some coins are minted purely for collectors. Numismatics consider tricky to get these coins in their collections the more coins of this sort, the much better. The US Governing administration creates the American Gold Eagle (priced at $fifty) and Canadian Govt mints the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (priced at Canadian $50 for one oz). Some other nations also have collectors’ cash of their own, like South African has the Krugerrand.

Modern-day numismatics focuses on the study of the cash released between the seventeenth to the twenty first century, when coins ended up made with equipment as an alternative of human fingers. Collectors concentration far more on the analyze of these than historians. The benefit of these cash depend on the time interval of creation as effectively as on the socio-financial context primarily based on which these had been developed. Coins, which bear evidence of sure abnormalities, are also significantly valued. Distinctive kinds in the kind of faults crept in even though minting, the final results of carrying of dies utilized to solid the cash, and also the celebration of minting influence the benefit of the coins to collectors.

Numismatology is more of a enthusiasm than pastime. It is generally a study of background, not just forex. Experienced numismatics generally get the possibility to rework their passion into a superior vocation as perfectly. Governing administration companies and even regulation enforcement departments usually simply call up these people today to remark on suspected coin forgeries. Their payment for these services is also very a high determine, therefore earning it a practical career alternative in every part. Numismatics are ardent pupils of record. Their awareness and enthusiasm for their interest is some thing to be highly regarded by all.


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Invigorating Yoga Poses

The roots of Yoga can be traced again five,000 several years. The earliest reference to Yoga was the Indus valley, a impressive and influential civilization in the early antique interval. This culture evolved about the Indus and Sarasvati rivers, in northern India.

Archaeological findings from Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, unveiled a portrait of a human becoming or god meditating in what appears to be a Yoga posture. The Rig-Veda work, that describes diverse Yoga methods, is believed to be derived from the Inus-Sarasvati men and women, and has been dated between 3000 to 5000 B.C.

Below are a few common and beneficial yoga poses:

Yoga Mudr&Auml: Image of Yoga

The Yoga Mudr&Auml Pose begins with the Padm&atildesana pose. The feet should be in the hip joints (in opposition to the butt), and the heels really should press from the stomach. The hands are brought powering the again, with the right hand grasping the remaining wrist.

Now, bend forward and lie as flat as achievable on the heels, and try out to contact the flooring with your brow. This forward movement should really be designed slowly and gradually, and with handle. Immediately after keeping the placement for two to 5 seconds, return your overall body again to the erect posture (or Padmasana pose).

The Yoga Mudr&Auml is an exceptional exercise for the stomach wall, inside organs, and the pelvic place. When bending forward, the force of the heels is on the caecum and pelvic loop, and is effective if you experience from constipation.

If the stomach muscular wall is weak, use the hands to grasp the heels, so that your knuckles push into the stomach, as you bend your entire body forward. This action pushes the internal organs into their right area, and assists to alleviate constipation.

Breathe in a natural way, although exhaling when bending may well be practical, in particular when the fingers grasp the heels.

Simh&Aumlsana: The Lion Pose

The Lion Pose is a vigorous pose, and imitates the fierceness of a lion just about to spring. Kneel and relaxation the buttocks on your heels resting your extended hands on your knees. You will truly feel a sense of muscular tension all over the overall body as you extend your chest. Open your mouth (jaws) and thrust the tongue ahead, as considerably as possible. Open up your eyes in a intensepress()

The Lion Pose is invigorating and advantageous to the throat muscle groups, eyes, upper body, and backbone. In the beginning, keep the position for just one moment, and as you development, this situation may possibly be held for three minutes.

Sav&Aumlsana: Lifeless Pose

The Useless Pose is a relaxing pose, presenting complete rest and tranquillity to the overall body, head, and nervous system. This pose should be the last pose you do in your training routine. It is uncomplicated just to lie down flat on your again, but systematic leisure necessitates involvement of your thoughts.

Concentration is critical to this pose. Consider only of your toes, and rest them. Then loosen up your legs, arms, stomach, upper body, throat, facial muscles, and eyes. Resolve your notice on your limbs, chest, muscle tissue and others individually until finally a full feeling of relaxation of all areas of the body is accomplished.

When mastering yoga, peace and respiration go hand in hand. If you see your breath is uneven, immediate your interest to the airflow to obtain a organic respiration rhythm. This will enable to discover complete leisure of the physique and the brain.

A lot more than 30 million persons observe yoga regularly. Yoga is the most quickly expanding health movement of currently, in spite of obtaining existed for hundreds of years.

Attitudes in direction of well being, spirituality, way of everyday living, and positions in culture have substantially adjusted, and people are wanting for solutions to fix each day problems. At present, our setting is battling for survival, and we suffer from physical and psychological tension. New illnesses acquire whilst old kinds, that we imagined we could manage with antibiotics, return with a vengeance. We can not usually regulate these developments, but we can master to encounter them as a result of yoga strategies..


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