X Factor Traffic 2.0 – How to Get Over 1 Million free website visitors in 60 days

X Factor Traffic 2.0 - How to Get Over 1 Million free website visitors in 60 daysClick Image To Visit SiteWe challenged Internet legend Willie Crawford to use these methods to generate 100,000 visitors to one of his brand new websites in 60 days—AND HE FAILED—

Instead he generated 1,016,240 visitors to his site in 61 days ONLY using these 10 totally FREE methods!

Take a look at this screenshot from one of Willie Crawford’s niche sites as a result of using X-Factor traffic tactics:

Just look at the surge in daily visits from May to August. From 214 visits a day in May to 4,420 daily visits in August. We’re talking more than TWENTY TIMES an increase in traffic!

You see, once you put these traffic-methods in motion you set off a "chain reaction" that effortlessly creates an avalanche of targeted visitors…using FAR better and more powerful techniques than SEO or paid search.

And listen, if you stack and pack these tactics the way we show you, you will create what amounts to an "unstoppable force" of traffic pointing to your website.

Because once the traffic gets rolling like an online locomotive, you could NOT stop it even if you wanted to. Stop for a moment and picture hordes of highly targeted traffic coming to your site everyday that continues to grow exponentially—that’s what will happen when you know how to use these methods the right way.

Here’s something interesting you’re also going to discover… and it’s something I must freely admit to you…

In fact, they could be considered downright BORING… but they’re constantly overlooked by amateurs, leaving them on the brink of failure in the long run because their newest traffic "fads" simply fizzle out and rob them blind.

Instead, we’re going to show you the techniques that have passed the test of TIME over and over again… Read more…


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